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Smart Working and the music in quarantine.

The beginning of a new year and with even more emphasis the beginning of a new decade, is often associated to an auspicated fresh new start by the most of us. Many prepared to welcome 2020 with a lot of hopes and resolutions for better opportunities both in the personal and professional life.

This new decade punctually delivered enormous changes in our daily routines as well as an awakening sense of responsibility as COVID-19 pandemic bursted out at the very beginning of 2020 and it still is affecting in many ways our society.

An individual and tailored research for containing measures is being carried ahead by all the countries affected by the pandemic, trying to understand the needs and problematics coming from the efficient organization of different people and cultures.

One of the new ideas that took particularly off in this time is of course “smart working”, or the possibility for employees to be able to remotely work for the company directly from home.

The target would be to avoid unnecessary movements and therefore slow down the spreading of the extremely contagious disease.

A further analysis of the “smart working” denotes few very positive aspects that were not taken into account before. One of this is for sure the remarkable difference in the companies spendings when it comes to save the money otherwise destined to the “office” expenses.

Another good aspect would be that since most of the working force will be working home and will not need to move, the traffik in big cities will slow down as well as the pollution in the rush hours.

Finally getting into the music environment we keep on working as always mostly remotely as the network infrastructure reached nowadays a very enjoyable quality of remote collaborations especially in video meetings.

The “being home” situation brought people to adapt their lifestyles to a different environment, lots of streaming services got a huge boom during quarantine all over the world, from Netflix to Spotify.

Our daily routines and our working environments need the right music, and especially in these times, we will keep on working and providing you the best quality of works from our producers.

Blissful Moods Team

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