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Silver Screen Quotation, music for sync and environments

As many music producers punctually come up with the right combination of grooves and lyrics to create the hit of the moment, we are struggling with different issues.

At the opposite, what we are trying to do is produce music that lies perfectly in the background without interfere, instead fulfilling the meaning of the moment.

Music like this has potentially infinite kinds of use.

Specifically equalized and mastered, the sound is designed to perfectly fit in the background when a relevant information is being broadcasted, think about the TV or Google/YouTube Ads where an actor or a voice usually introduces a product, or documentaries where the combination of films and voice of narrator have to play a major role in the overall experience.

Clubs, bars as well as hotels usually can’t afford to have a 24/7 DJ-set playing in loco.

This is why a playlist made of a combination of this kind of music would also be of great use for people in need of a more elegant and less invasive choice of background.

The creation of a music catalogue which represents these standards is the first step we recommend to follow if you are a producer in this specific genre.

Concerning the collaboration with the movies industries, a high definition in quality of the works are required, it’s very important to be able to collaborate with professional recording studios and deliver accordingly to the requirements issued by the music supervisors of the movie house.

Another important step in order to deliver to the sync market is the availability of the producers. Working on call and on commission implies a close contact between the parts, and for a producer means to be able to work daily with the best working asset until the track meets the requirements.

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