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Rhodalia, a sunset in Rhodes.

Today we meet Tranxequal, one of the new artists in the roaster of Blissful Moods Recordings.

His first work called Textured Dissonance was released in 2018 and it is available on #Spotify, #AppleMusic and all the different downloading services.

How is the life of a 27 years old musician in Zurich?

It's definitely entertaining. Living in a big city means that everyday you have the possibility to meet different people and enjoy different cultures, especially in the music world.

When did your journey into the music world begin?

I started being into music already in young age, I learned guitar and bass, but I soon after realized that my love for music was making me craving for more. I took drums lessons with the school and short after I was already on piano and synth.

I tried some auditions shortly after high school in order to be in a band but it didn't work out very well. I was decently good, but I believe some might have had issues with my aesthetical choices (laughs).

How did you get in touch with Blissful Moods Recordings?

I remember at the moment I was looking for a recording studio to finish some of my compositions, I was in Cannes for the 2017 music event Midem.

I met one of the guys working in the team and I had the chance to visit the Karmaluna Studios in Lugano (CH) few weeks after the event.

Tell us about your new release, Rhodalia.

Like many artists sometimes I struggle to find some inspiration, ideas to put into music. Since a few years back I started taking some vacation days during the summertime in the island of Rhodes one of the Greece’s Dodecanese islands. There is where the magic happens. I sit close to the sea, close my eyes and listen to the sound of the waves in the beautiful sunset. Rhodalia is a way to get me there, lift from the stress and find new inspiration.

How does the future look?

Great! I'm working on new tracks and new collaborations with other artists.

I think that music really is an universal language and it has the big power to let you send your message to the world, freely and equally.

Artist: Tranxequal Instrument: Synth Bundle: Arturia V Collection

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Tranxequal - Rhodalia

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