Blissful Moods is a record label and music library licensing company based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We work with the genre of downtempo, chillout and music for movies, tv and ads.
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Blissful Moods is happy to release as single edition one of the most interesting works from an indeed interesting artist, FL Acid.

The collaboration with Blissful Moods continues and we hope to hit the chillout lovers with more new material before the end of summer 2020.

Not What I Was Expecting is out now!

Welcome to check out a collection of our works for licensing. We prepared a selection of tracks already released on all the streaming and downloading platforms. You will find a link to the most interesting and updated Spotify playlists from the Blissful Moods records.

Blissful MoodsOur new releases

on Spotify

Blissful Moods is our main releases playlist on Spotify!

We will weekly update it with all our new singles and collaborations in the lounge and chillout genre. Follow the playlist to be always up to date!


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